Youthful excitement, creating brilliance together, happy team building!

At the end of this year, the company decided to hold an unforgettable five-day trip to Hong Kong and Macao as well as New Year’s Eve activities, aiming to motivate employees, relax physically and mentally, and enhance team cohesion. This event not only allowed team members to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing scenery of Hong Kong and Macao, but also allowed team members to welcome the new year together when the New Year’s bell rings.
On the first day, we will fly to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, proceed to Victoria Harbor and take a sightseeing boat tour of this beautiful harbor. When night falls, we will overlook the brilliant night of Hong Kong on Victoria Hill and welcome the New Year together. The next day, we will head to the Kowloon Peninsula to visit one of Hong Kong’s cultural landmarks, the Clock Tower and the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island. During this day of exploration, employees will take the opportunity to further enhance their understanding of each other and enhance team cohesion.
On the third day, we took a boat to Macau and visited the Macau Tower and the famous Lisboa Casino. In this unique place, we will experience new challenges and projects together, fostering collaboration and interaction among employees. On the fourth day, we will visit the historical district of Macau and visit historical and cultural attractions such as Ruins of St. Paul’s and A-Ma Temple. During this day trip, employees will gain a deeper understanding of Macau’s history and culture. On the last day, we returned to Hong Kong and visited Zhuhai Fishing Girl and shopping malls. This is also a good opportunity for employees to enjoy shopping and free time, while also strengthening team cohesion. As we welcome the new year together, we believe that this trip to Hong Kong and Macau will bring an unforgettable experience to our employees, enhance mutual trust and cooperation, and inject full positive energy into the new year. This wonderful journey will promote employee motivation and team cohesion, allowing everyone to go to work with confidence.

Post time: Jan-04-2024