Polypropylene highly transparent material RP340R

Polypropylene highly transparent material RP340R

short description:

Polypropylene highly transparent material is a highly transparent, surface luster, high temperature resistance (the highest temperature deformation temperature can reach 135 °), mechanical properties due to ordinary polypropylene, with good rigidity and high stretch strength. The characteristics of polypropylene taste, non -toxic, and corrosion resistance are mainly used in areas such as home appliance shells, food packaging, medical and health supplies.

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Product Parameters

Basic Information:

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Model Number RP340R
MFR 26(2.16KG/230°)
Packaging Details 25 kgs/bag
Port qingdao
Payment Method t/t LC
Customs Code 39021000

The amount of time from order placement to dispatch:

Quantity(tons) 1-200 >200
Lead time (days) 7 To be negotiated
Detection Result
Analysis Item Unit Quality Target Result Standard
Appearance / Natural particles, no impurities Natural particles, no impurities Visual inspection
Black granule PCS/kg 0 0 SH/T 1541.1-2019
Snakeskin granule and tailing granule PCS/kg Report 11 SH/T 1541.1-2019
Large and small granule g/kg ≤ 50 0.2 SH/T 1541.1-2019
Color granule PCS/kg ≤ 5 0 SH/T 1541.1-2019
Melt mass-flow rate (MFR) g/10min 25.0±5.0 28.5 GB/T 3682.1-2018
Ash content(mass fraction) % ≤ 0.050 0.019 GB/T 9345.1-2008
Yellow index / ≤ 0 --7.7 HG/T 3862-2006
Tensile yield stress MPa ≥ 22.0 25.3 GB/T 1040.2-2022
Flexural modulus MPa ≥ 850 921 GB/T 9341-2008
Charpy notched impact strength(23℃) kJ/㎡ ≥ 3.0 4.4 GB/T 1043.1-2008
Charpy notched impact strength(-20℃) kJ/㎡ Report 0.78 GB/T 1043.1-2008
Fog degree % ≤ 15.0 9.9 GB/T 2410-2008

Product Features

1. Has excellent transparency and luster can be partially replaced by high -priced materials such as polyester (PET), polycarbonate (PC), and polystyrene (PS) to reduce the production cost of downstream product companies.
2. It has the characteristics of ordinary polypropylene tasteless, five poisons, and corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in the field of food packaging and medical materials.

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