Applications of polypropylene

(1) Knitted products

The PP resin consumed in woven products (plastic woven bags, tarpaulins, ropes, etc.) has always accounted for a high proportion in China. It is the largest market for polypropylene consumption in my country and is mainly used for packaging of grain, fertilizers, cement, etc.

(2)Injection molding products

Injection molded products are mainly used in small household appliances, daily necessities, toys, washing machines, cars and turnover boxes. In the world’s polypropylene consumption structure, injection molded products account for the main share. Especially in industrially developed countries and regions, the proportion of polypropylene injection molded products is higher.

(3)Film products

Polypropylene films mainly include BOPP, CPP, ordinary packaging films and microporous films. BOPP has many excellent properties such as light weight, high mechanical strength, non-toxic, transparent, and moisture-proof. It is widely used in packaging, electrical engineering, electronic appliances, tapes, It is used in many fields such as label film, film, lamination, etc., among which the packaging industry has the largest usage. Different application fields have greatly different technical requirements for polypropylene film BOPP, among which the application fields of film capacitors have the highest requirements. Due to low processing technology requirements and relatively large profits, there has been overheating of investment in the past few years.

(4)Fiber products

Polypropylene fiber (ie polypropylene) refers to a fiber product made from polypropylene as raw material through melt spinning. Because polypropylene fiber has many excellent properties, it is increasingly used in the three major fields of decoration, industry, and clothing, and has become the second largest variety of synthetic fibers. Polypropylene fiber is divided into short fiber, filament, non-woven fabric (spunbond and melt-blown), tobacco tow, bulked continuous filament (BCF), etc. Its applicati。

(5)Pipe materials

Polypropylene pipes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy pipe connection (thermal welding, electric welding, pipe fitting connection), and recyclability. They are mainly used in building water supply systems, heating systems, farmland water delivery systems, and chemical pipeline systems.

(6) Thin wall products

Thin-wall injection molded polypropylene has good heat resistance, good warpage resistance, good toughness, good transparency and other properties, which can meet the needs of food packaging, especially in disposable fast food boxes, which has benefited from the takeaway market in recent years. With the rapid development of the industry, the market demand for thin-walled injection molded polypropylene continues to rise, and the industry has good development prospects. With decades of research, China has now achieved independent process production of thin-walled injection molded polypropylene, completing import substitution. Currently, there are many product brands in the domestic thin-wall injection molded polypropylene market, and competition is fierce。

Post time: Mar-06-2024