Thin wall injection HP648T  PP plastic disposable food containers MFR 70

Thin wall injection HP648T  PP plastic disposable food containers MFR 70

short description:

Thin -wall injection is a high -flow, highly transparent, high heat -resistant polypropylene, which is used to produce thick products with thick walls. It is mainly used in thin -walled containers such as disposable fast -food boxes, milk cups, and large finishing boxes.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. High liquidity meets the molding requirements of complex shape products.
2. High crystals, high -mode volume, can quickly cool down, shorten the molding cycle, improve processing efficiency, and ensure the stiffness of the product.
3. Hydrogen adjustment method, no odor, low odor, meets food hygiene requirements, is widely used in food packaging.

Downstream Application

Mainly used for restaurant packaging, takeaway and supermarket food packaging, milk cup.


Product Parameters

Sports Event Unit Thin-Walled Injection Moulding
Enterprise Standard
Grain Appearance Black Granule Pcs/Kg 0
Coloured Grains Pcs/Kg <5
Large And Small Particles g/Kg <50
Melt Mass Flow Rate (Mfr) g/10min 70.0±10.0
Ash (Mass Fraction) % <0.050
Yellow Index / <4.0
Tensile Properties Tensile Yield Stress Mpa >30.0
Flexural Modulus Mpa 1500
Notched Impact Strength Of Simply Supported Beams (23°C) Kj/m2 V10

The above data are typical values and are not intended as product specifications.

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