Yanchang2040 PP Polypropylene for non-woven fabrics pp plastic raw material 

Yanchang2040 PP Polypropylene for non-woven fabrics pp plastic raw material 

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This product has good liquidity, a narrow molecular weight distribution, and stable thermal processing performance. At the same time, it has excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability. It does not absorb water and does not respond to most chemical contacts. In addition, the product is colorless and translucent cylindrical particles, which has the characteristics of non -toxic, odorless, impurities without impurities. The national standard 4806.6, the US FDA, the EU ROHS, Reach certification (EU) NO10/2011O

Downstream Application

This product is mainly used for high -speed spinning, slim fibrous fiber, medical non -woven fabric, etc.; can also be used as engineering plastics, television and radio shells, electrical insulation materials, anticorrosive pipelines, plate materials, storage tanks, etc.


Product Parameters

No.  Analysis project Unit Technical indicators
Superior Qualified
1 Appearance
of particle
Color chip Each/kg 0
Black grain Each/kg Measured
Snakeskin and tailing Measured
2 Melt flow rate Nominal value g/10min 38.0
Deviation ±5 ±10
3 Isotactic index % ≥94
4 Ash content (mass fraction) mg/kg Measured
5.1 Tensile property Tensie modulus of elasticity Mpa Measured
5.2 Tensile yield stress Mpa ≥33 >29
5.3 Tensile fracture stress Mpa >8
5.4 Nominal tensile strain at break % Measured
6.1 Fisheye 0.8mm Each/1520cm <10
6.2 0.4mm <40

Packaging & delivery

Packaging Details 25 kgs/bag
Port qingdao

The amount of time from order placement to dispatch:

Quantity(tons) 1-200 >200
Lead time (days) 7 To be negotiated

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